Record-Breaking Mako Shark Tips Off Conservation Debate

On  Monday, a group of anglers from Texas, Colorado, and California hooked a  colossal fish off Southern California. After a long struggle, they  reeled in a shortfin mako shark that they say tipped the scale at 1,323.5 pounds (600 kilograms).

A sampling of the comment section: It’s not just depressing, it’s revolting. How proud these people must be to have tortured to death and butchered one of God’s most amazing and beautiful creatures, then stuffed its brutalized body into a garbage dumpster…This is simply disgraceful. Rationalize and justify it all you want, Knowlton, but what you did was an act of horrible violence and desecration. You have destroyed something irreplaceable. You and your gang of marauding thugs (and no surprise you are from Texas) make me sick.  Read the article and comments

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