Offshore Wind Developer Asks Biden to Restart Permitting Process

Vineyard Wind, the developer of the first major U.S. offshore wind farm, said on Monday it has asked the Biden administration to restart its permitting process after former President Donald Trump’s government abruptly canceled it last month.,,, U.S. President Joe Biden has pledged to boost development of renewable energy as part of a sweeping plan to fight climate change and create jobs. (Absurdity) Vineyard Wind is a joint venture between power company Avangrid Inc, a unit of Spain’s Iberdrola, and Denmark’s Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. >click to read< 07:40

One Response to Offshore Wind Developer Asks Biden to Restart Permitting Process

  1. Lori Wraith says:

    There is plenty of property left up in Northern California, Oregon and Washington for wind farms without putting cables on the ocean floor,. Each wind unit needs five square miles of flat sand bottom to anchor and install. That is all fertile grounds for crabs, fish, bait, etc. The cables of stainless are not pure and will rust as we have seen with all stainless these days. It is a scam to sell units we do not need. We have better ideas, tides can produce electricity right on the jetties. Don’t buy into this product. We still have plenty of land with wind for sale.

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