Adak seeks cod quota, factory trawlers cry foul

Despite factory trawler opposition, Adak wants federal regulators to guarantee a minimum amount of Pacific cod each year, in hopes that the local fish processing plant will re-open. The Aleutian Islands Pacific cod catcher vessel fishery and shoreplant delivery requirement is on the agenda of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting this week in Anchorage. The bottomtrawl factory trawler’s lobbying group, , condemned Adak’s request. Read the rest here 10:32

Trident wants in at Adak – And so does another company.

Wall Street SignTillion said the presence of competition has caused Trident to soften its stance some, saying its first offer was rejected. He said the huge Seattle-based processor wanted The Aleut Corporation to eliminate a quota for small fishing boats under 60 feet long, so that Trident’s bigger boats could catch all the fish. “The Aleuts aren’t really too happy about that,” Tillion said, since the corporation wants Adak to provide opportunity for small boats from King Cove and Sand Point.

Icicle decided to close its operation in Adak, citing concerns about the short- and long-term health of the region’s Pacific cod resource and increased regulatory uncertainty, the company’ new top official Amy Humphreys said in a press release in April. Icicle, headquartered in Seattle, is owned by the private equity firm Paine and Partners, with offices in New York, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, and specializes in buying major corporations. The company’ new top official Amy Humphreys, was appointed to the board of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute this month by Gov. Sean Parnell[email protected]   08:22

Adak Seeks Fish Processing Plant Operator

Last week, the City of Adak and the Adak Community Development Corporation bought $2 million worth of fish processing equipment at auction. Now, they’re looking for someone to operate it. [email protected]