Farmed and caught: Virginia seafood is thriving

Seafood is a $1 billion-a-year industry in Virginia. Some Virginia seafood like oysters and trout are farmed. Some, like drum, flounder, scallops, crabs and clams are caught or harvested. Many Virginia restaurants depend on the local bounty. The Clam Shack is located in Nassawaddox and specializes in local seafood. In addition to oysters, MacGarvey says crabs are also a top seller. Ray Twiford is a commercial fisherman and restaurant owner near Chincoteague. “I wouldn’t trade it for a desk job,” said Twiford. He spends long days on the job. His mornings start on the water when he nets fish or harvests other seafood. He then processes and keeps it refrigerated. He then sells his catch at a seafood market he operates, or at his restaurant Ray’s Shanty. Fish that were swimming in the morning are often on a plate that night. Video, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 17:06

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