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Seattle’s aging fishing fleets provide hundred-million-dollar opportunity for shipbuilders

blue-north_750xx4272-2403-0-223Some vessels in the Seattle-based North Pacific fishing fleet are more than 70 years old, and replacing them could bring hundreds of millions of dollars of work to regional shipyards. That, according to Port of Seattle Co-President Stephanie Bowma, is at the top of a list of maritime-industrial business possibilities for the region. “By some estimates, more than 2,000 boats need to built or remodeled, which is requiring hundreds of millions of dollars in capital investments, and hundreds of workers throughout our region to work on these vessels,” Read the article here 16:40

Japan: Population of Fishermen Hit by Earthquake, Aging

Of the 89,485 privately managed fishery businesses in the country, only 14,811, or 17%, say they have someone who can be a successor in the trade, suggesting many sons and daughters of fishermen have moved to other occupations. Read more here 12:47