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Self-paced, basic electronics and hydraulics training available online

Many a fishing trip has been cut short by a hydraulics or electrical system break down, from a single pot hauler on a skiff to huge floating processors.   That’s why  in both are offered to fishermen and other mariners on line from the University of Alaska/Southeast at Sitka. The hydraulics course takes six hours to complete on average and costs just $90. The Boat Electrical course includes theory, power generation and distribution, safety and wiring. Listen, Read the rest here 08:36

Pirate fishing targeted in Congress – new laws likely passed this year!

Congress is set to act on a measure aimed at stopping fish pirates from dumping millions of tons of illegally caught fish and shellfish in world markets. For decades, no fishery has been pinched harder than Bering Sea king crab,  which last year alone went up against 100 million pounds of pirated crab from Russia. Listen, Read the rest here. 17:11

Alaska Fish Radio – Laine Welch – A grim outlook for sea otters versus Southeast Alaska fisheries.

Sea otters are cleaning out valuable commercial fisheries in Southeast Alaska – they have been at it for decades.  A second report updates the financial hit the otters have caused to the region’s fisheries since 2005. continued