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Drilling plan may not change much locally but still worries fishermen

Last week the Trump administration proposed to drastically increase the amount of Alaska waters open for oil and gas leasing. Along with keeping Cook Inlet open, it would also make areas near Kodiak and the Gulf of Alaska available for drilling, both of which are currently closed. Yet, it’s unclear if companies will be interested in drilling there even if the plan is approved. Still, the move worries local environmentalists and fishermen. click here to read the story 10:54 

Sea stars impacted by wasting disease spotted in chilly Alaska waters

A mysterious disease that causes sea stars to form lesions, lose arms, and eventually completely disintegrate was recently spotted en masse in the Gulf of Alaska. Konar said the location is part of the reason this mass die-off — which is believed to have started near Monterrey, Calif, and now stretches from Baja California to here — seems more troubling than similar past occurrences. The cause of wasting disease is still unknown, with a group of scientists,,, Read the rest here  08:29