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Conservationists push to bypass or remove dams, restore alewife run in Maine

Alewives, which grow to 11-12 inches in length, play a critical role in the marine ecosystem. They are eaten by virtually every other marine fish, mammal and bird, and are commonly used as lobster bait. The more alewives that are introduced, the healthier the overall ecosystem will be, Gray said. China Lake has the potential to create a gigantic population bump. Read the rest here 08:40

As alewife populations recover, a new economy emerges

Friendship lobsterman Jim Wotton believes the resurgent river herring could feed lobster traps en masse, generating big profits. Wotton, 44, of Friendship, is one of Maine’s authentic lobstermen, but he’s also taken on a second role in recent years that offers a look into the future. As a member of the Alewife Harvesters of Maine, Wotton has staked a claim in an up-and-coming industry that may soon be hugely important to Maine’s 6,000 lobstermen. [email protected] 14:33

Alewife fish run through former site of Hopewell Mills Dam in Taunton

The Taunton Daily Gazette —The alewife are back..The river herring are running through the former site of the Hopewell Mills  Dam, according to the Nature Conservancy. Over the last nearly two centuries,  dams in the river clogged up the waterway, impeded migration and made the area  uninhabitable for the fish, the environmental group said. continued


Bill to remove St. Croix alewife barriers clears committee hurdle

AUGUSTA, Maine — Emergency legislation calling for removal of barriers that block sea-run alewives from full access to the St. Croix River watershed won unanimous endorsement Monday from the Legislature’s Marine Resources Committee. continued

Opponents square off in St. Croix River watershed alewife debate

AUGUSTA — The contentious issue of whether to open the St. Croix River watershed to sea-run alewives drew more than six hours of impassioned testimony Monday during a public hearing before the Legislature’s Marine Resources Committee. continue reading