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N.B. reports first cases of infectious salmon anaemia since 2012

atlantic-salmon-aquacultureCanada’s Food Inspection Agency is reporting the first New Brunswick cases of infectious salmon anaemia in four years. Four separate incidents have been documented in the Bay of Fundy since March, the most recent on Sept. 20. In each case a single fish was found to have the disease, according to the New Brunswick Department of Agriculture Aquaculture and Fisheries and the Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association. “In this particular case, it was four fish,” said Susan Farquharson of the association. “Four cages were depopulated and there hasn’t been any further incidents.” Farquharson claims it’s possible no other fish were contaminated in the four cage sites involved. Smells fishy! Read the story here 11:08

Fish-farming feud: Senate awash in industry propaganda

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2Re: “Salmon farming a ray of hope for our region,” (Opinions online, June 2). This article by Pamela Parker, executive director, Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association, is totally one-sided. This is just what companies like Cooke Aquaculture want to hear. It also feeds the misconceptions of governments and bureaucracies with their blind eyes, deaf ears and closed minds. Read more here 10:29