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Cameras could play a role in fisheries enforcement – C&P chief. That’s really the issue. Enforcement

Cameras onboard commercial fishing vessels as condition of licence could act as a deterrent to illegal fishing activities suggests John Coleman, Acting Chief of Conservation and Protection for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Gulf Region . “I can’t really speak for the government, but it’s certainly something that we in DFO are exploring and looking to advance the conversation around,” Coleman said of the possible use of cameras for surveillance work. It was during an interview about hefty fines and suspensions to three Nova Scotia tuna fishermen that Coleman referred to surveillance cameras. “Given the tuna fishery, and the nature of catch and release, it is very difficult, unless you have a camera on a vessel, to be successful in a prosecution.” Read the rest here 16:22

Fishermen say camera requirement invades privacy

Cameras on fishing boats do a job on-boat observersThe cameras do a job on-boat observers have usually performed, allowing the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to cover more ground by providing fleet-wide coverage. A contractor reviews the video tape to make sure it is consistent with what the anglers report. “NMFS needs an effective and efficient way to monitor,” public affairs officer Kate Brogan said. Having an observer aboard every vessel would be prohibitively expensive, along with the logistical issues of having another person aboard a boat. The cameras aren’t replacing in-person observers, Read the rest here 16:48

South Atlantic: When estimating fish populations, seeing is believing

Somewhere off the Atlantic coast of Florida, a fishing boat bobs in the swell, and Nate Bacheler helps swing a fish trap over the side. It’s a big metal cage shaped like a giant arrowhead, and it looks like the standard design. But this is no ordinary fish trap, and Nate Bacheler is no ordinary fisherman. Traps without cameras work great for many species. But some species, like gag grouper, have a habit of avoiding fish traps. Read he rest here 15:40