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A robotic crab-cutting machine nabbed a U.S. patent — and a St. John’s team invented it

The granting of a patent for a fast — and fancy — way to butcher crab has global fish processors knocking on the door of the St. John’s-based Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation (CCFI).  “We’re doing something that nobody else in the world is doing,” said Robert Verge, managing director of CCFI. “It’s a very significant development, not just because of the patent, but because this is a real breakthrough in fish processing technology worldwide.”> Video, click to read<20:20

Robots used to cut crab may actually help keep processing jobs in Newfoundland and Labrador

The world’s first full-on crab plant robot sits inside a tall, plastic chamber roughly the size of a shipping container. A conveyer belt carries the splayed crab into the chamber, where a robotic scoops them up and places them on one of two plastic saddles. And then the blade descends.  The legs tumble into a grey plastic tub below, sorted, sectioned and ready to go. The machine was unveiled this spring, developed by Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation, in partnership with Ocean Choice International and the Marine Institute.  Its functions are simple — cut the crab in half, or remove its legs — but its impact could be enormous. Its designers are also hoping it will solve a few workforce problems in fish plants caused by changing demographics in rural Newfoundland. click here to read the story 08:52

Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation to Explore Maximizing the Value of Cod

This research effort will be an ongoing process, and as opportunities are identified to enhance aspects of harvesting, processing, and marketing activity, the Centre may propose pilot projects to explore new approaches.  Industry feedback will define the focus of research and the parameters of pilot projects. [email protected] 15:54

Funding advances Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation research into new shrimp trawl design

The Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation will conduct research into the effectiveness and efficiency of a new shrimp trawl with assistance from the Newfoundland and Labrador provincial government. [email protected]’wester  14:54

Funding to aid research into new shrimp trawl technology

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2The Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation (CCFI) will study new shrimp trawl technology with the aid of $70,054 in funding from the provincial government. [email protected]  09:04