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The lobster fishery drives a boat building ‘boom’ in the Canadian Maritimes

Boat builders are benefiting from a steady upward rise in the lobster fishery, which has had everything go right in the past year. The cost of fuel to drive their boats has dropped, while lobster prices are up and catches strong. A lower Canadian dollar has made selling in the U.S. more lucrative. “The combination of those things means lobster fishermen are making more money. The sales we are seeing are the best we have [had] since our organization started recording them and that is 19 years,” said Tim Edwards of the Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association. Maritime boat yards are operating at full capacity to meet demand for new lobster fishing boats — costing upwards of $1 million each — which has wait times for those new vessels stretching years into the future. Read the article here 08:04

Fewer right whales seen, counted in Gulf of Maine

Only one North Atlantic right whale was spotted in the Gulf of Maine this fall by biologists who are tracking the species. “Right whales have different feeding areas at different times of year,” LaCasse said. Their year-round habitat extends from the Canadian Maritimes to southern New England, but the whales move in search of food. Their whereabouts, regardless of the time of year, are likely tied primarily to food and the conditions of the ecosystem in which they thrive, marine scientists said. “These whales are grazers,” said Mayo. “It’s a moving feast, quite literally, for these animals. Wherever they are, I guarantee that they’re sitting on a pile of food.”  [email protected] 05:53

A Fractured Lobster Fishery in the Canadian Maritimes

CBC_News_logoNova Scotia Lobster fishermen return to sea after standoff  Lobster fishermen in Nova Scotia will be back on the water at first light on Tuesday, after hundreds tied up their boats to fight for better prices from seafood processors. The protest is over, but the problem of low lobster prices at the wharf persists. The protesters said they’ve made their point and have enlisted the province’s fisheries minister as an ally. continued

P.E.I. lobster fishermen returning to water Some fishermen in Western P.E.I. are calling the protest a failure, because it did not pressure processors to raise prices. West Prince fisherman Scott McNeill still believes it was the right thing to do. continued

Lobster fishermen protest over prices ends in New Brunswick Fishermen in New Brunswick’s zone 23 were back on the water again, hauling up traps in the Escuminac and Caraquet areas. Alain-Paul Thériault was among them. They felt they had to go out, he said. continued