Fighting for the fishing grounds in the face of offshore wind farms

For almost a half century, Angela Sanfilippo has spearheaded campaigns to protect the physical and economic health of commercial fishermen, their families and the communities in which they live.,, The Vineyard Wind 1 project is positioned as the primary vanguard in the development of U.S. offshore wind farms. The project calls for the installation of 84 wind turbines about 12 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard. Beyond the benefits of clean energy and conservation, developers say the project also will create 3,658 full-time jobs in Massachusetts between 2019 and 2047. “Nowhere have they said how many people, how many fishermen, they’re going to displace,” she said. “It’s like we don’t exist and the fishing grounds don’t exist.” >click to read< 08:13

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    Cape Ann has had three Wind Turbines, that seem more like still Sculptures most of the time!!! So please tell me how efficient have they been??? If you haven’t noticed the Two on the Gloucester Engineering site are placed so close together one will block Wind from the other depending on the Wind direction… There have been several break downs, hydraulic leaks to completely removing the Blades on the Applied Materials Turbine!!! Between breakdowns and no wind or too much wind days, just how effective have these eyesores been??? What’s the bottomline???


    Spring is upon us and the Ocean creatures migrating… Angela mentioned a few local Vessels fish for Squid down around the Cape and it’s Islands… The Squid are there to spawn and feed as this bottom is rich in Sand Lance (sand eels)… Actually they are the quintessential forage fish for everything from Birds to Whales!!! They use the sand as their sleeping grounds, protection from predators, and hibernation!!! Miles of High Voltage Power lines spread under miles of productive fishing grounds… They’re just starting to study the Sand Lance and how important they are in the Eco-system!!!


    Whales and Wind-farms, they have never seen a major whale migration amongst the Wind-farms!!!

  4. Joel H says:

    Well well well, I hate to say I told you so, but……remember when the catch share plan shit show started? The winners at the time thought that they had won the lottery. I remember saying that once the industry is decimated to just a few players who will be left to fight the battles that were sure to come?
    Strength in numbers. The numbers are gone. This has been the endgame all along and everyone is going to lose. At least those people who make their livings catching fish anyway. I suppose the engo’s will just take it in stride and get their payoffs from these foreign companies while the little people are left to languish.
    We were given just enough rope,… hang ourselves.
    And if you think that politicians will be there to help, ha. We had the only person who would help in the Whitehouse last term. I never considered him a politician. He was a businessman who saw through the bullshit and had the country humming. Not a perfect man by any means, but who is?
    The great ship America is sinking before our eyes. Your politicians have sold you out once again. When will the people rise up and rid themselves of these self serving bastards in the DC cesspool?
    We have one chance. If the country can last until the mid term elections and we vote those people who have sold us out and elect people who have the countries best interests at heart, not their donors!
    Anything less and kiss it all goodbye.

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