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Hang him! Hang him high!

OK, OK, I get it! Carlos Rafael, aka, “The Codfather,” has done some pretty reprehensible things while amassing what seemingly is the largest percentage of ownership of the US multispecies groundfish fleet. I am not going to try to defend his actions, or his reasoning, but I would like to point out that there is plenty of guilt to go around and some people should not be so quick to point their finger at him alone. What is it that they say about casting the first stone? Apparently, among his sins is his aforementioned ownership of the largest fleet of multi-species groundfish vessels, as well as some scallop vessels. While this may be true, let us ponder what enabled, abetted, and allowed him to gain such an advantage over everyone else. At this point, he wasn’t breaking the law, he was only taking advantage of it, and of those who most fervently wanted it! click here to read the op-ed 09:27

Conflicts of Interest Plague Fishery Councils

In a tremendous display of arrogance, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council member David Walker of Alabama went on a rant at the June meeting of the Gulf Council in which he proclaimed that millionaire shareholders like himself are the only ones who contribute anything to the red snapper fishery. He was referring to the paltry 3 percent administrative fee that shareholders are required to pay to cover the expense of the catch share program that has made him rich. The fact that NOAA Fisheries acknowledges the fee doesn’t even cover the cost of the program (the shortfall is picked up by taxpayers like you and me) did not deter Walker from his outlandish claims. He went on to challenge recreational anglers to show what they contribute.,, The end result of efforts by groups like the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to privatize public marine resources was on full display at this meeting. They may not have intended it, but EDF and their allies have created an entire class of spoiled, entitled bullies, ready to intimidate anyone who threatens their domain, from Council members to Congressmen. Click here to read the story 14:35

How the illegal pursuits of a fishing empire could affect an entire industry already struggling under intense regulation.

He’s been dubbed the Codfather. Carlos Rafael, owner of a fishing empire that is the largest in the Northeast if not the country, is accused of exploiting federal fishery regulations to get ahead and misreporting hundreds of thousands of pounds of fish. His alleged crimes expose the pitfalls of a system meant to help fishermen and their catch coexist. It’s a tale of fraud, smuggling and organized crime better suited to the big screen than the docks of New Bedford.,, Besides tax evasion and fraud, the problem with Rafael’s plan is that it undermined the efforts of federal authorities to manage healthy fisheries and avoid over fishing.  Fishermen from Rhode Island to Maine have had their catches limited by federal quotas since 2009 under a program regulators say promotes sustainable fishing, but for many fishermen it’s meant hanging up their hooks. During the first year of the catch-share program, there were 440 commercial boats. That number dwindled to just 120 by 2013. Read the story here 09:16

Book Review – Rough Waters: Our North Pacific Small Fishermen’s Battle

Mendenhall-cover-sizedWhat it’s about: A commercial fisherman looks at the threats facing West Coast small-boat fishermen, including ecological changes, weak management, and pushback from industrial fishing. As a result, some fishing families and towns — and businesses that rely on them — struggle to stay afloat.  The book presents the issue in two parts. The first analyzes state-managed West Coast fisheries vs. federally managed fisheries. Mendenhall goes on to compare the industry in the United States with other parts of the world, examining the destruction she contends is wrought by the strategy of “catch-share” management. Read the story here 15:09

Two classes of fishermen: Kings and Serfs

csf logoWhen you hear of fishermen being divided by the government into two classes — “kings” and “serfs” — you would think it would be from medieval times or some scheme hatched under a third-world dictatorship. But no, this is happening in the Gulf of Mexico (and other fishery’s, nationwide) right now with the commercial red snapper catch share program as documented by an investigative report by AL.com published this week. The report states that the catch share program “has turned dozens of Gulf of Mexico fishermen into the lords of the sea — able to earn millions annually without even going fishing — Read the post here  09:41

Gulf of Alaska bycatch issue simmering in Kodiak – as debate continues over whether a catch share program would solve the problem.

thecordovatimes.com – Incidental harvest of thousands of Chinook salmon in Gulf of Alaska trawl  fisheries is an issue that just won’t go away, simmering before federal fisheries managers as debate continues over whether a catch share program would solve the problem.The goal of catch shares is to minimize bycatch??????????  continued

OUR OPINION: Back off, NOAA – enterprisenews.com, and who the hell is NOAA spokesman Scott Smullen? Put yer hand back in yer pocket, parasite!

At the urging of Sens. John Kerry and Scott Brown, and Gov. Deval Patrick,  among others, the U.S. Department of Commerce last week declared the Northeast  groundfish industry a disaster, opening up the possibility of $100 million in  federal funds to assist the people most affected by the disaster: fishing  families.  One published report paraphrased a NOAA spokesman’s email in response to the  news, stating “… federal officials would like to work with states to develop  spending plans to maintain the viability of the industry, advance research  initiatives, and support at-sea monitoring …” NOAA spokesman Scott Smullen  later said “if we get an allocation,”

This loan arrangement is such a smelly, nasty finance scheme, based on quota. The nerve of noaa to stick their greedy hand out! When did those morons acquire allocation, which is the loan collateral.

Oh yeah. The AFF was not $8.6 million. It was $100 million , and the current you tube on the front page is perfect for this article. Rotten Bastards.


Our view: Hollow disaster call fails to confront problem

So, the Obama administration, by way of acting Commerce Secretary Roberta Blank, has finally recognized what all of us have known for more than a year — that the Northeast groundfishery is in a state of economic disaster.

Now what http://www.salemnews.com/opinion/x550073936/Our-view-Hollow-disaster-call-fails-to-confront-problem


The ENGO Media Pollution Machine is in High Gear! – ‘Disaster’ funds must be used to improve groundfishing in the long term

President Barack Obama’s decision to declare the New England groundfishery,,,,,,,,Without the catch share program – a cooperative system that gives fis,,,,,,,,,,No one wants to see a return to the old, dangerous and wasteful “days-at-sea” ,,,,,,,,