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Changes to the Fisheries Act have some people concerned of potential harm to Atlantic Canada’s coast.

“All other industries have been able to comply with the general provisions of this act and still remain viable,” Bill Ernst, a former toxicologist with Environment Canada, told reporters on Tuesday. “In my opinion, the reason that the changes are being made is just to reduce the oversight of Environment Canada, who is the administrator of that section of the [Fisheries] Act and allow the industry more free access to some of the higher-risk chemicals” used to kill sea lice. Read the rest here 15:06

Advocates decry holes in safety net for Maine fishing industry

PORTLAND — Advocates said they were baffled when one of the first serious attempts at improving fishing industry safety was stripped down in an annual act passed quietly last month. The U.S. Coast Guard Re-authorization Act ovalientf 2010 provision requiring all commercial fishing vessels operating more than three miles from the coast to have dockside inspections by Oct. 16, 2012, was extended to Oct. 15, 2015, by the latest 2012 act, which became law on Christmas Eve. The revision also extends the amount of time required between inspections from two years to five. Read More