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Someone should Boot the Boston Globe Editorial Staff – As codfish dwindle, communities need to reboot

With codfish at their lowest level in history, it is hard to give credence to fishermen and political leaders who believe New England’s iconic catch would be just fine if only nosy researchers and regulators would get out of the way. A really lousy Boston Globe editorial. Read the rest here 07:52

Scientist: Cod quotas too high in retrospect

nmfs_logoOctober 14, 2014 Because of a reporting error, a story on the cod crisis on Page A1 of Sunday’s Times misrepresented a statement by National Marine Fisheries Service scientist Michael Palmer. Scientists knew only in retrospect that fishing quotas had been set too high to rebuild Gulf of Maine cod, likely because they had overestimated the current stock size, overestimated how many young fish would be produced, or . Here 07:36

Cod crisis: Iconic species faces an uncertain future

Our cod crisis has become a sad cliche, ironic enough to catch the eye of the national media, and the truth does indeed hurt. Just ask Chatham and Harwich fishermen, who fished in what was once one of the top cod ports in the country but now catch mostly skates and dogfish and very little cod. Read the rest here 08:18