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Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee announces steps to protect lakes from carp

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — Authorities plan stepped-up monitoring and commercial fishing operations in the continuing effort to prevent Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes. Read more here 11:13

Letter: Safety at Pillar Point Harbor should come first

The new hoist location on Johnson Pier at Pillar Point Harbor (“New fish hoist raises concerns at Pillar Point” in the April 18 edition of the Daily Journal) will harm small business owners by causing unnecessary delays in commercial fishing operations, creates a workplace hazard and jeopardizes public safety. smdailyjournal.com  Read more here  10:08

Great Lakes Commercial fishing decline hits economies, communities

LANSING – As the number of active state-licensed commercial fishing operations dwindles on the Great Lakes, their downward spiral signals a change in culture as well as economics and environment, according to Laurie Sommers, a folklorist and historic preservation consultant. continued