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Ilwaco CFA meeting – Out-of-region experts from Cape Cod explain a new path for fisheries

AR-160419891.jpg&MaxW=600Ed Backus of Collaborative Fisheries Associates said there is no cookie-cutter approach to CFAs and similar entities like fishing-quota banks. Pointing to organizations in California and Massachusetts, Backus said CFAs can be tailored to different fisheries and goals. Presenting talks at the Ilwaco CFA meeting were Paul Parker, director of Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance, and Capt. Jeremiah O’Brien, member and former president of the Morro Bay Commercial Fishermen’s Organization and the Morro Bay Community Quota Fund. The CFA took on $2.5 million in initial debt to acquire fishing rights and paid about half back in five years, Parker said. Initial participants are doing very well, primarily in the Cape Cod scallop fishery, he said. The CFA’s investment in groundfish quota hasn’t proven as useful,,, Read the article here 09:53

North Pacific council asks for three Gulf of Alaska papers – how to manage bycatch – adaptive management quota – community fishing associations

23523_354387901211_7651997_aThe North Pacific Fishery Management Council asked for three discussion papers on issues associated with Gulf of Alaska trawl fisheries today. The 11-member council manages federal fisheries from three to 200 miles offshore from Alaska. Read more here  21:44

Letter to the editor of Fishery Nation

Fishermen In Alaska Should Be Nervous As A Dartmouth College Girl About Community Fishing Associations Acting Like The New Nice Guy In Town. Yes the new nice guy in town is the Community Fishing Association  Read more here in the Art of the Rant 12:49