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Must Read – Fears for our fishery, Father Ed Brophy, St. Alban’s

Sisimiut2Fellow Newfoundlanders, according to the news, a large Newfoundland fish company called Quin-Sea is about to be taken over by an even larger company from Denmark. The Danish company is called Royal Greenland. I find this disturbing. For me, it is a cause for grave concern. With the stroke of a pen, with the signing of a bill of sale, Royal Greenland of Denmark will be the major shareholder in one of Newfoundland’s largest fish-producing companies. In other words, major decisions about the company, the quotas the catching of shrimp and crab, the production — in fact, all major decisions — could be made by a large company in Denmark. Read the op-ed here, and think! 09:23

JACKSON, Miss., Feds, Mississippi in dispute over state waters

Since July 2013, Mississippi has claimed its state waters extend nine miles south into the Gulf of Mexico. The federal government refuses to recognize the declaration, standing by a 1960 U.S. Supreme Court decision that determined the offshore boundary for Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama was three miles out. Read more here  17:50