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Thousands Of Mussels Live In This Humboldt Park Warehouse

In a nondescript Humboldt Park warehouse, thousands of mussels trucked in from Newfoundland are living out their final hours in an ocean-like environment designed to mimic a mollusk’s natural saltwater habitat. “No one wants to eat old seafood. We’re trying to make it fresher, safer and easier to distribute mussels locally and to a wider audience,” Chicago Wet Storage owner Guy Furman said during a recent tour of his inland facility, 3125 W. Chicago Ave. click here to read the story 13:02

GARFO: Distribution of Northeast Multispecies Groundfish Disaster Monies to States for First-Third of Consensus Plan

NOAA destroying fishermenNOAA has awarded the first set of grants to five states (Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut), totaling approximately $10.6 million to provide direct financial assistance to fishermen affected by the groundfish fisheries resource disaster. We are working with the state of New York to finalize their grant application and hope to distribute that award shortly. Eligibility Criteria for First-Third of Federal Funding, All the details, Read more here 10:50