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What happened to the price of shrimp?

Since 2010 the price of shrimp has more than doubled, forcing giant Darden Restaurants to try to divest themselves of Red Lobster and their “endless shrimp” buffet. Over 90% of all shrimp consumed in the US comes from outside the US, with most imported shrimp grown in filth ponds flooded with antibiotics. In spite of this, Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) has been devastating global shrimp farm populations, and the disease isn’t the only thing pushing shrimp prices higher. The Commerce Department recently ruled that China, Ecuador, India, Malaysia and Vietnam have all unfairly subsidized shrimp exported to the United States. Read [email protected]  19:39

US shrimp body concerned over EMS (early mortality syndrome) threat

undercurrent.com – The Southern Shrimp Alliance, which represents more than 2000 individuals and small businesses, has issued a letter expressing its concerns over early mortality syndrome (EMS) reaching the US. The letter, sent to USDA secretary Tom Vilsack, acting commerce secretary Rebecca Blank and FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg, asked what might happen should the shrimp disease reach the US. continued  You can read the full letter here.