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Fishermen in Mexico shoot down environmental group’s drone

The environmental group Sea Shepherd says fishermen fired 25 shots at one of its night-vision drones in Mexico’s Gulf of California, bringing it down. Various drones have been employed to patrol the Gulf, also known as the Sea of Cortez, to combat illegal fishing and save the critically endangered vaquita marina, the world’s smallest porpoise. Sea Shepherd has been the target of demonstrations by fishermen in the past, but said the Christmas Eve shooting represented “a new level of violence.” click here to read the story 15:39

Environmental group sues California over whale-killing gear

An environmental group sued the state of California on Tuesday for allegedly not doing enough to keep Dungeness crab fishery gear from killing protected whales. The Center for Biological Diversity filed its lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco, saying the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is liable for a surge in entanglements of endangered whales and sea turtles because it authorizes and manages operation of the fishery. click here to read the story 15:18

Animal rights protesters who disrupted Chick-Fil-A also targeted recreational fishermen

Animal liberation protesters who disrupted “Cow Appreciation Day” at a Pinellas Park Chick-Fil-A also targeted a St. Petersburg family who were fishing at Crescent Lake Park on Tuesday. “I’m glad that we were able to keep our cool and stay collected,” said fisherman Bob Hope. “As you can see in the video, we were the better people.” Hope said his father caught a nice-sized tilapia they were going to take home and eat for dinner. That’s when he said the protesters sent over a young boy between the ages of 8-to-10-years-old to scold the fishermen. A protester then approached the family and said he was going to throw the fish back into the lake. “My father said, ‘no, you’re not’ and my mom actually walked over and put her foot onto the fish,” said Hope. “Well, the man took her leg, physically removed her leg, picked our fish up and threw it back into the water. click here to read the story 12:05

Cape fishermen and environmentalists push to protect herring stocks from “Localized Depletion”

Local fishermen are hoping the New England Fishery Management Council will help protect tuna and other fisheries from the herring fleet by agreeing to have measures asking for year-round closures of up to 50 miles east of the Cape analyzed and included during a vote expected later this year. The council is meeting in Mystic, Connecticut, today through Thursday, when the board will work on herring regulations. “There’s a strong feeling that fisheries that used to happen here have been displaced by 10 years of intense herring removal,” said John Pappalardo, executive director of the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance, and a member of the New England council and its herring committee. “The haddock resource is robust, but there’s no meaningful haddock fishery close to shore.” Localized Depletion. Are they not considering that with the squid fishery too? Oh yes they are! click here to read the story 08:08

You can listen to all the council action by clicking these links. To read the final agenda, click here  Register click here to listen live via webinar.

Hubbs-SeaWorld is partnering with private investment firm to create the largest fish farm in America

Don Kent peers into a water tank about the size of a backyard swimming pool and watches as a school of 10 yellowtails swim by, each about 4 feet long. “There are some big guys in there. There they come,” he said. “That’s a big fish right there.” I ask if he has names for them. “I try not to have names for things I eat,” he said. Kent won’t be eating these fish, but he hopes we’ll all be chowing down on their offspring in a few years. Kent is president and CEO of the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute, a research nonprofit partially funded by SeaWorld. Hubbs-SeaWorld is partnering with a private investment firm to create the largest fish farm in America. The proposed aquaculture project would be built 4 miles off San Diego’s coast. Video, Read the rest here 22:21

Environmental Group Says Lobster is “Poor Choice” for Pregnant Women – “Them’s fightin’ words!”

wolf-in-sheeps-clothing-scaled500-e1371562470325Later this summer, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) plans to raise concerns about mercury levels in lobster within the context of a draft update to federal consumer guidelines for seafood consumption. As a Maine resident (and someone who has been covering mercury in seafood more than a little recently), I immediately sat up and took note at the mention of . Read more here 20:01

NMFS clears commercial fishing in sea lion habitat – Not if, but, When will Oceana sue?

Easy ButtonAfter a research review, the NMFS is prepared to loosen controversial limits on commercial fishing in the western Aleutian Islands. That has cleared NMFS to open more fishing grounds in the western Aleutians, as early as next year. Michael LeVine says that’s pretty sudden. LeVine is a lawyer for Oceana, Read more here  ktoo.org 12:37