Cape fishermen and environmentalists push to protect herring stocks from “Localized Depletion”

Local fishermen are hoping the New England Fishery Management Council will help protect tuna and other fisheries from the herring fleet by agreeing to have measures asking for year-round closures of up to 50 miles east of the Cape analyzed and included during a vote expected later this year. The council is meeting in Mystic, Connecticut, today through Thursday, when the board will work on herring regulations. “There’s a strong feeling that fisheries that used to happen here have been displaced by 10 years of intense herring removal,” said John Pappalardo, executive director of the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance, and a member of the New England council and its herring committee. “The haddock resource is robust, but there’s no meaningful haddock fishery close to shore.” Localized Depletion. Are they not considering that with the squid fishery too? Oh yes they are! click here to read the story 08:08

You can listen to all the council action by clicking these links. To read the final agenda, click here  Register click here to listen live via webinar.

2 Responses to Cape fishermen and environmentalists push to protect herring stocks from “Localized Depletion”

  1. PaulB says:

    What ‘fishermen?’ You mean the Cape Cod grant-subsidized trust fund fleet that doesn’t fish but lives off handouts from environmental groups in exchange for rubber-stamping their agendas?
    They are to fishermen what panhandlers are to bus stations.
    How much money did it take for them to sign off on cancelling Christmas for thousands of lobstermen and actual working fishermen and their families? Going rate is 30 pieces of silver.

    • DANDOG says:

      The “hookers” didn’t seem to mind to much, back in 2010, when they sponsored ” localized depletion” of codfish on stellwagen bank by leasing out a million or 2 pounds of cod quota to offshore boats that hadn’t fished there in 15 or more years – to fatten there coffers . When that ” localized depletion” was brought up at council meetings they scoffed…. Hypocrisy at its finest….

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