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Nova Scotia premier should cancel China visits

Nova Scotia’s Opposition leader says the premier should stop visiting China – which he has done regularly throughout his mandate to promote local seafood and other industries – because of violent clashes between the state and pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong and the continued detention of two Canadians whose freedom the federal government has been trying to secure. “He shouldn’t be visiting there, that’s for sure,” Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Houston,,, >click to read<  17:06

Maine turns to Canada after losing China lobster market

The Maine lobster industry is switching to other markets – as far away as Thailand and Vietnam and as close as Canada. Maine-based lobster companies are opening operations in Canada and shipping lobsters from Nova Scotia because Canada isn’t affected by the US-China trade dispute. That reflects what Bill Bruns, operations manager of The Lobster Co in Arundel, has seen in his own export business. As a result, trade in lobsters from Canada is booming.,,, Ready Seafood of Portland, Maine, last fall acquired L. Walker Seafoods, >click to read<13:24

Tiny American town Little Cranberry Island, Maine is staking its future on Chinese foodies

LOBSTER0011462298290.wdpThe long journey from this remote island of free-spirited fishermen to the most populous country in the world began, as it does most mornings, at just about sunrise. Bruce Fernald, a sixth-generation fisherman, loaded his 38-foot fiberglass boat with half a ton of bait and set out in search of Maine’s famed crustacean: the lobster. One by one, Fernald checked the 800 traps he had placed along 30 square miles at the bottom of the Gulf of Maine. He quickly hauled each wire cage onto his boat, reached a gloved hand inside and plucked out the lobster lurking within. The young ones, the breeders and the crusty old ones were thrown back into the water. The rest were dropped into a saltwater tank to keep them alive and energetic on their 7,000-mile trip to China. Read the story here 20:45

Lobster industry rebounds with low dollar and high prices – Lobster exports from Nova Scotia are worth $385M

Nova Scotia’s largest lobster fishery is enjoying a banner season thanks in part to low fuel prices and a low Canadian dollar. Jamie Osborne, a lobster fisherman, is one of those enjoying the perfect storm of good news. “Fuel is going down, lobster are going up,” he said. Cheaper fuel is just one factor. The lower Canadian dollar is another factor, for an industry that relies on exports. Lobster exports from Nova Scotia are worth $385 million annually. Read the rest here 09:16