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Some Mass Lawmakers fear some Cape Cod fishermen will miss out on aid

cashMany Cape Cod fishermen, operating under shrunken quotas for cod, have shifted their focus to catching other fish species such as dogfish, skate and monkfish. But that business decision, some lawmakers worry, could be jeopardizing the fishermen’s ability to qualify for the last pot of federal disaster relief funding being dispersed by the Baker administration to help offset the hit to their livelihoods from declining fish populations. Read the rest here 14:10

Maine groundfishermen hurt by quota cuts to receive $640,000 in disaster relief

cashThe funds will be distributed in the form of rebates to fishermen for the fees they pay at the Portland Fish Exchange. About 40 fishing boats that sell fish at the city-owned exchange will benefit as the money is distributed over the next year and a half, said General Manager Bert Jongerden. He said the fish exchange handles about 98 percent of the groundfish landed in Maine. “This is one way the government has seen to put money directly back onto the crews’ pockets,” Jongerden said. Read the rest here 08:24

If You are counting on Federal Disaster Relief funding,,,,“The New England and West Coast delegations are very good at grabbing that money,”

“We’ll be competing with every state to get a share of that money,” Thomas P. Fote, legislative chairman of the Jersey Shore Anglers Association, said. The original fisheries disaster funding of 2013 would have sent money to the Sandy-struck mid-Atlantic states; New England fishermen beleaguered with quota cutbacks; and Gulf of Mexico and Northwest fishermen who saw big drops in crab and salmon numbers. Now it’s likely to be a free-for-all asking for money, Fote said. (?) Read [email protected]  15:51