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Shoreside Workers’ Wallets Affected by Fishermen’s Strike

Numerous workers in fish processing are out of a job, due the fishermen’s strike, which resumed December 14. A number of workers in Vestmannaeyjar islands are now registering as unemployed, mbl.is reports. The fishermen’s strike has extensive effects, both on jobs at sea and in fish processing, in addition to affecting Iceland’s position on fish markets. One after another, fish processing plants reduce their operations as they run out of fish. Employees are, thus, faced with uncertainty. Four out of six fish processing plants in Vestmannaeyjar had to halt processing due to a lack of fish before last weekend, and the rest will cease processing this week. Most plants in the West Fjords have run out of fish. Only catches from small fishing boats, not affected by the strike, can be processed, but not many of those are fishing these days. When fish is lacking, the law allows for employees to be taken off the payroll and be registered as unemployed without delay, mbl.is reports. According to RÚV, fish processing plants in the West Fjords have no plans to take their employees off the payroll, but without fish, no overtime or piecework is paid, thus, reducing the workers’ income. Link 14:30

Icelands Fishermen’s Strike Began Last Night – All ships not in harbor are on their way to land


A fishermen’s strike began at 11 pm last night when wage negotiations had failed between them and Fisheries Iceland, RÚV reports. This is their first strike since 2001. Marine engineers, on the other hand, were able to reach a deal with the fisheries, with the provision that their negotiating committee would approve, and postponed their strike until 3 pm on Monday. Heiðrún Lind Marteinsdóttir, managing director of Fisheries Iceland, reported that fishermen had been close to striking a deal, but there had remained disagreement regarding the number of deckhands on pelagic fishing vessels. A few days, or even a week, could go by before the next formal negotiating meeting is called. All ships not in harbor are on their way to land. Link ,,, Fishing strike confirmed as Iceland talks break down – Read the story here 14:14

Fishermen’s Strike Could Start Tonight

fishing_workA strike of 3,500 Icelandic fishermen will begin tonight at 11 pm unless an agreement can be reached between them and Fisheries Iceland by that time, RÚV reports. The negotiating parties will meet with the state negotiator at 1:30 pm in a final attempt to prevent a strike. Garðar Helgason, head of Fisheries Iceland, told RUV he is cautiously optimistic an agreement can be reached in time. The head of the Fishermen’s Association, Valmundur Valmundsson, could not be reached for comment. If no agreement is reached, this would be the first fishermen’s strike in 15 years. There are three ships fishing in the Barents Sea. It would take them three to four days to reach harbor in Iceland. An agreement has been reached regarding the price of fish, which was the largest bone of contention. link 09:25