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FWC tightens rules on use of certain stone crab traps

State fishery managers have removed a loophole that gave some unscrupulous commercial trap fishermen a leg up on fellow fishermen and had serious impact on the lucrative spiny lobster fishery, which is centered in the Florida Keys. Bycatch of lobster in stone crab traps has always occurred, and vice versa. But recent changes to both fisheries have created additional motivation for fishermen to shift their effort from targeting stone crab to lobster, the FWC biologists said. Read the rest here 08:32

Keys fishery issues back on tap

The ban and a lack of consistent fishing regulations among the major government fishery agencies that have jurisdiction in Keys waters has led to the formation of a committee to look at South Florida fishing regulations. The committee — which is comprised of members from South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management councils and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) — will meet for three days in Key West starting Jan. 13 Read the rest here 10:18

FWC biologists: Lobster casitas too problematic

“We’re done,” said marine salver John Coffin, who has worked with other commercial divers to legalize casitas. “I really feel betrayed by (FWC) staff. The biology is good. They didn’t want the headaches. Nobody wants the headaches. …  Read the rest here 08:30

Outdoors: Gill netting again is ruled illegal, but don’t believe the net controversy is over

But don’t believe that, because the attempts over the years to overturn the net ban law show how commercial groups are unrelenting in their zeal to cash in for quick profits at the public resource trough. Any minor technicality in the net ban law will be tirelessly chipped away at by commercial interests through the courts. If nothing else the fall ruling by Leon County Judge Jackie Fulford (who was up for re-election) shows the mind-set of commercial netting interests. Read more here 20:02:

Ghost traps major problem in the Keys – Bill Kelly says there would be a lot of fishermen out of business

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) fisheries biologist Tom Matthews and other scientists found that 85,000 spiny lobster ghost traps which have lost their buoys, and more than 1 million pieces of traps and fishing gear junk,, Bill Kelly, executive director of the Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen’s Association, contends the trap loss estimates are too high.  Read more here keysnews.com 06:58