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From the Deckboss: Salvage plans in works for sunken F/V Arctic Hunter

Here’s a situation report on the grounding of the F/V Arctic Hunter near Dutch Harbor. [email protected]  14:05  Dutch Harbor Effort Continues to Remove Fuel From Grounded Crab Vessel link

From the Deckboss – Is this anything? Walmart sent salmon suppliers this letter.

The letter said the company will buy only from fisheries “certified sustainable to the MSC standard,” or actively working toward certification. “It is amazing to me,” Tyson Fick, spokesman for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute said, “that America’s largest retailer appears to be saying that they will not buy American seafood without the endorsement of a foreign-based environmental group while promoting foreign seafood with clearly inferior fisheries management and quality, all in the name of sustainability.” [email protected]  the letter

From the Deckboss – The Brig – Three convictions reported at Sitka


From the Deckboss – Feds and American Seafoods are talking – pinched for “essentially stealing fish,”

Last week brought news of some big enforcement actions against American Seafoods, the top operator of pollock factory trawlers in the Bering Sea. The company is facing more than $2.7 million in fines for allegedly shorting catch weights, or “essentially stealing fish,” in the words of federal authorities. continued

From the Deckboss

Boot Vince Webster! – Dismal news for Chinook trollers – It’s over – The latest on the Sitka herring fishery – 48 hours in Anchorage – Where do those Chinook come from? – How much would you pay for pollock? As always, read the comments! link

From the Deckboss

Halfway there in Sitka herring fishery, Processor refloated, And they’re off!, Dipnet supremacy?, and more. As always, read the comment’s. continue to Deckboss.