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Real Reality – Men in the water on Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove

dungeon-cove-cg-alertLast nights showing of Dungeon Cove brought reality to the forefront of the viewing public when they interjected the tragedy of the fishing vessel Eagle III into the program. The Coast Guard put an alert out over the radio advising of three men in the water and they ask all mariners to keep an eye out for them and report any sightings. We posted some of the heartbreaking articles here, and the comments made by many were of shock, sadness, and despair as fishermen and friends reacted. Of course, there was also generosity through fundraisers to bring aid for those left behind and prayers. Lots of prayers. It’s what we do. This reality show is as close to it as it comes, and the emotion of the people America is watching is on display, uninhibited. This is the link to the articles we posted, and this link takes you to an article with a short video trailer. The Coast Guard alert is hair raising like it always is. Reality. 20:46

Baker Beach – Body identified as Fisherman Josh Paulus from Eagle III

A body that was found washed ashore at Baker Beach Saturday afternoon has been identified as Josh Paulus, 31, one of the crewmen from the Eagle III, a Port Orford commercial fishing vessel that capsized near the entrance to the Coos Bay bar. Two crewmen — Paulus and Danny Matlock — had been missing from the Jan. 19 sinking. One other, Blaine Steinmetz, was found deceased. The captain of the boat, Glenn Burkhow, survived the incident. Matlock remains missing. Read the rest here 11:12:18  F/V Eagle III Memorial Fund click here

‘AN UNGODLY SOUND’ – Eagle III boat captain recalls harrowing experience

The Eagle III’s wheelhouse was filled with frigid sea water and Glenn Burkhow was fully submerged, swishing around like a piece of clothing inside a washer. Desperately needing air, Burkhow saw a pocket and pushed his mouth to it, sucking in deeply with his lips. He got a small gulp, then tried to get another, only to suck in a lung full of salt water. Then he felt a hole in the bottom of the boat at the top of his head. He pushed toward the opening and burst out of the water, filling his lungs with a desperate gasp. Read the article here 14:45

‘Charleston Fishing Families’ raising funds, donations for families of lost crab fishermen

8477731_1453422851.0027The Eagle III sank miles away from its home port in Port Orford but that hasn’t stopped people in the bay area from stepping up to support the families of those who were on board, show the fishing community is truly ‘coast-wide.’ The group is putting on a rummage sale, bake sale and silent auction fundraiser at the Coquille Tribal Community Center this weekend. They say, in a matter of days, hundreds of dollars’ worth of items were donated. “We thought this was going to be a little tiny yard sale and we were going to raise a couple hundred dollars and call it good,” Clemens explains, “and it just ballooned into something so miraculous and amazing.” Video, read the rest here 10:58

F/V Eagle III Memorial Fund

On the night of January 19th the crew on the Eagle III was out crabbing near Charleston, Oregon. They capsized after colliding with the jetty. The captain made it to shore, but one of the crew did not survive and two more are still missing. The boat is owned by Leesa Cobb of Port Orford, who has worked together with the members of the Port Orford Ocean Resource Team on many projects over the years to benefit small boat fishermen and their community. We are raising funds to support the families of the crew who died, and we are so thankful for anything you can contribute to help them get through this tragedy. Click here, and please donate whatever you can. 16:38

Men involved in Oregon crabbing boat tragedy identified

The Coos County Sheriff’s Office identified the captain on Thursday as 52-year-old Port Orford resident Glen Burkhow. Burkhow survived the Tuesday night accident in which the commercial fishing boat, F/V Eagle III , sank after hitting a Coos Bay jetty. The sheriff’s office said a man whose body was recovered Wednesday has been identified as 52-year-old Blane Steinmetz of Port Orford. Officials said 37-year-old Daniel Matlock and 31-year-old Joshua Paulus, also of Port Orford, remain missing. A search conducted through Wednesday afternoon was suspended after a U.S. Coast Guard spokesman said the search area had been saturated. Read the post here 09:22

Family of Coos Bay fisherman: ‘He was a remarkable man’

9695288_GThe US Coast Guard has suspended their search for two fishermen presumed lost at sea, after their boat struck a jetty and capsized near Coos Bay. Family has identified a third crew member as Blaine Steinmetz.  They tell FOX 12 his body was found hours after the wreckage. Blaine Steinmetz knew the risks of being out on the open seas, but did it anyway because he loved it, according to his stepdaughter Amy Sad. And she loved that about him. Read the article here 08:35