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Fifty Years Ago Today: The tragic sinking of Portland scallop trawler F/V Snoopy still vivid

fv snoopyThe Associated Press reported at the time that the Snoopy was “blown to bits” in a “freak explosion.” News reports from the 1960s suggested that while fishermen would at times bring up World War II munitions in the years after the war, it was extremely rare for them to explode. While all the fishermen were from Maine, the scallop supply had depleted off the coast of Maine in the mid-1960s, and his brother and others looked to points south for better fishing, George Doody said. On the fateful trip, they trawled for scallops near the Outer Banks off North Carolina. Doody said they almost left to return to Maine the day before, but decided to stay one more day. Read the rest here