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A Fresh Look at Iron, Plankton, Carbon, Salmon and Ocean Engineering

Two years ago this month, an edge-pushing environmental entrepreneur and a company formed by a Native Canadian village set off a wave of international protest by dispersing a pink slurry of 100 tons of iron-rich dust over one of the 60-mile-wide ocean eddies that routinely drift across the salmon feeding grounds of the Gulf of Alaska. Lots of links, Read more here 14:52

Did Russ George’s Geoengineering experiment actually work?

Iron seeding of the high seas was back in the news this Earth Day, 2014. Good timing – with Blue Planet in the Emergency Room and no ‘Obamacare’ equivalent to help stabilize our home – though the coverage came from a most unexpected source, The National Review. Read more here 11:20

Can technological advances help acidifying seas?

Many scientists are increasingly acknowledging that we can no longer afford to dismiss some gee-whiz technological fixes outright. We need to understand what, if any of it, could help. In 2012, a controversial California entrepreneur motored off the coast of British Columbia and dumped 100 metric tons of iron dust into the Pacific Ocean, hoping to spark a 4,000-square-mile plankton bloom. Read [email protected] 11:22

A Pinch o’ this, and a Dash o’ that – To Fix Climate Change, Scientists Turn To Hacking The Earth – DON”T FORGET THE CALCIUM!

An Experiment With Unclear Results One of the wild things about geoengineering is that even the scientists proposing it don’t really want to do it. The need for it, says Matthew Watson, is just a sign of how bad things are. “That’s why I push the research agenda so hard,” he says. “I’m pretty appalled by the thought of full-scale deployment, but I’m also pretty worried about burying our heads in the sand and not thinking about what that would mean.” [email protected]  21:52