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Bay of Fundy fishery has whale of a problem

I’ve worked for the Grand Manan Fishermen’s Association for 25 years. It’s been a good career; there’s always something new in the fishery. I’ve gotten to know some great people both locally and across the country. I come from a fishing family: my father, brother and brother-in-law are all fishermen. I have a strong attachment to what I do and why I do it.,, The right whales ventured north to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Things were bad last summer. Twelve whales were found dead. Two were entangled in fishing gear. The rest: blunt force trauma or unknown causes, though none of those had fishing gear on them. Government swung into reactionary precautionary mode. We watched amazed and horrified from the other side of the Maritimes while fishery after fishery closed.
Then last week it was our turn. by Bonnie Morse >click to read<21:25

DFO orders fisheries closure in Bay of Fundy after right whale sighting

The federal government announced Monday evening the first temporary fisheries closure in the Bay of Fundy as a result of a North Atlantic right whale sighting. The area, just east of Grand Manan, will be closed to fixed-gear fishing activities starting at 11:59 p.m. Thursday, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans said in a statement. It said the closure, which affects lobster, crab, groundfish, herring and mackerel licenses, will remain in place until further notice. It’s believed to be the first closure of its kind ever in the bay, according to Laurence Cook, chairman of the Grand Manan Fishermen’s Association lobster advisory board. Cook was busy fielding calls and texts from “angry and upset” members after government informed the association around 6 p.m. Monday, he said. >click to read<11:42

Fishermen’s group pushes wearing Personal Flotation Devices

The Grand Manan Fishermen’s Association says the use of personal flotation devices in the commercial fishing industry is growing, but more work needs to be done. Melanie Sonnenberg, the association’s program manager, said she wasn’t surprised by the Transportation Safety Board’s latest push for mandatory use of personal flotation devices in the industry, a popular topic for years. “There’s been a great push with working with suppliers to develop products that are much more commercial fishing friendly,” she said. “We’ve seen a culture shift here in the industry. click here to read the story 12:34

Grand Manan Fisherman’s Association welcomes $4.9 million to expand the Fundy Marine Service Centre

doucet-and-sonnenbergAfter about a decade of lobbying the New Brunswick government, fishermen in Grand Manan celebrated an investment announcement yesterday of $4.9 million to expand the Fundy Marine Service Centre. The centre, located at Ingalls Head, is owned by the province, but operated by the Grand Manan Fishermen’s Association. The money will be used for extensive site upgrades, which includes a new 200-tonne boat lift, better lighting, paving a portion of the outdoor lot, better access to electricity, and better water access for firefighting.  “It’s a very busy place, and this time of year, given the weather that we’ve had, everybody wants to get their vessels in and do maintenance before we get into our winter fishery,” said Melanie Sonnenberg, the association’s project manager. Read the rest here 10:30

Grand Manan Fishermen’s Association calls for herring catch study

The Grand Manan Fishermen’s Association is calling for a study on declining herring catches in the Bay of Fundy. The request comes after Connors Bros., Limited announced Thursday it will cancel the second shift at its Blacks Harbour plant this season, citing a decline in the weir fishery and herring catch forecasts for 2015. Over the past three decades, annual herring weir catches averaged 20,000 tonnes in the Bay of Fundy, according to the fishermen’s association. In 2013, the latest figures available, the total catch dropped to about 6,000 tonnes. Read the rest here 11:55