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American Fishermen, American Consumers and Coastal Communities, Support the A-7 Survival Fund – Highly Migratory Species

American fishermen,American consumers and coastal communities all lose under the current A-7  amendment to the Fishery Management Plan for Highly Migratory Species. Fearing further decline of domestic fisheries for rebuilt stocks of swordfish, some tuna, and the possible resulting transfer of the United States’ international quota to foreign fleets, members of the Pelagic Longline Fleet and other related businesses have filed suits challenging aspects of Amendment 7 to the Fishery Management Plan for Highly Migratory Species, which includes swordfish and tunas. Read the rest here 11:56

Pacific Fishery Fishery Management Council meets Sept. 10-17 in Spokane

The Pacific Fishery Fishery Managementwill meet Wednesday for a week-long session, Sept. 10-17, in Spokane to address issues related to groundfish, highly migratory species, coastal pelagic species, salmon, ecosystem management and habitat matters. Read the rest here 18:10