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Annual Redneck Fishing event to spotlight jobs, Catch as many Asian carp as fast as possible

Redneck fishingThere is a good-food, good-jobs theme at this year’s Redneck Fishing Tournament in the Illinois River community of Bath. Economic development and elected officials from across central Illinois are expected to join the two-day contest, Aug. 1-2, in the community of 300, about 60 miles northwest of Springfield. The contest is simple. Catch as many Asian carp as fast as possible from the Illinois River. Read more here 12:55

Asian Carp more than just a nuisance for Illinois River fisherman – video

PEORIA, Ill. — The Asian Carp was introduced to American fisheries in the 1970s in an attempt to help to clean up the water. They have since invaded the Illinois River. It is the heart of spawning season, and fisherman say the fish are out of control. Read more here 10:08