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A Fisherman’s Perspective: Catch Shares – Support HR 1335


EDF’s campaign to implement catch shares in our nation’s fisheries is not only misguided, but it is a serious threat to the livelihoods of the majority of American fishermen. Fishermen beware: you are gazing directly into the friendly eyes of a lion in sheep’s clothing! This is one of those panacea, cure-all fixes for fisheries management which NGO’s love to promote because they are easy sells to the legions of non-fishing folks who are easily convinced that something needs to be saved because EDF tells them so and they don’t have enough other information to know any better. Read the rest here 13:22

Moe Van Doren, Larry Adler, and Curly Stewart – Saving New England’s Cod Fishery

On Friday, the New York Times ran an op-ed by University of New Hampshire historian W. Jeffrey Bolster describing the long history of the decline of the stock of cod off the coast of New England. Van Doren then sites Jonathan Adler and Nathaniel Stewart’s  Tragedy of the Commons dogma, that would save the day! Wait till you read his recommendation to save New England!! Read it here 22:28