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On a dangerous trip, New Jersey fishermen struggle to hold on

It was 10 degrees outside, a blizzard was on its way, and Roy Deal was in no mood to fish. Deal sat in the blue captain’s chair in the wheelhouse of the Donna Lynn, his 60-foot fishing boat, and felt cold air penetrating cracks in the glass. He passed the seawall at 3:55 a.m. Three hours to sunrise. Deal gave the wheel a hard half-spin. The Donna Lynn pitched to starboard, away from the lights of Manhattan. Deal held the turn till his bow pointed north and east, into the black Atlantic. This trip would be dangerous. The pay would be low. And Deal was feeling grumpy. >click here to read< 08:37

Activists: Liberty Natural Gas LNG port will lead to fracking

untitledjimJim Lovegren, representing a number of commercial fishing operations from Point Pleasant to Middletown, said his industry contributes nearly $1 billion a year to the New Jersey economy, and the proposed site of Port Ambrose threatens some established fishing grounds. “Let’s talk about my job,” he said, “I’ve been doing it for 40 years. My father and his father and his father — my family goes back 80 years as fishermen off of this coast. These are jobs that matter.” “I have fished where the new proposal is,” he added. “You’re in our fishing grounds.” [email protected]