Jeez Nils! It was in Wikipedia, fer Cripe Sake, AND at least we now know Where Royal Dutch Shell got their sign!

I love it when Nils Stolpe gets agitated. The last time he got his jaw tightened up was when he was invited to the Environmental Journalist Society shindig along with a bunch of Pew paid slugs that really know how to pollute the information stream with agenda driven hyperbole. Now, in his latest, he describes why he gets frustrated, and I share his concern. Once the baloney sandwich, dressed with the special green sauce is on the menu, it stays there. It never gets removed, so when one of his fellow Garden Stater’s, a self-proclaimed journalist takes his Housewife of New Jersey  down to Jersey Shore for a scallop feed, ‘n Snooky says they ain’t got none, the guy decided to order the baloney sandwich, and dress it out with his own trimmings.

From Nil’s Stolpe

The New Jersey Newsroom website was formed by journalists and ex-journalists, primarily from the Newark (New Jersey) Star Ledger, with collective experience adding up to “over 1,000 years.” On their site those journalists wrote “our        contributing writers, driven by passion and purpose, contribute as volunteers who believe in the cause….’s goal is to provide high-quality news for New Jerseyans and not just about New Jerseyans. We will do our best to gather all the stories you want, regardless of the original sources.”
Impressive sounding, isn’t it? Unfortunately, at least judging by a recent article on the scallop fishery off the East coast, the content on the site ,,,,,,,, Read More!

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