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Baker | Kathy Dunderdale’s fisheries legacy – Evaluating how the premiers handled the fishery

“Good-bye and good riddance to the worst premier the fishery ever saw,” I had a fisherman tell me this past Wednesday when Kathy Dunderdale pulled the chute on being premier. Such knee-jerk reactions are commonplace around these parts, of course, and politics is a provincial bloodsport to boot (you just never see people talk politics with such rage and petulance in other provinces … well, OK,  Read [email protected]  08:00

Ottawa breaching N.L.’s confidence in trade talks, says premier – N.L. and Ottawa at odds over fish processing requirements

CBC_News_logoNewfoundland and Labrador Premier Kathy Dunderdale says Ottawa has been trying to cut side deals with other provinces to build support for trade talks with the European Union, while excluding her province’s demands from the final terms of the deal. continued