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Lobster breeding program is a success

The town’s aquarium is raising lobsters to replenish the fisheries off the coast of Cumbria. When they’re big enough, the baby lobsters are released from a boat into the wild using weighted containers that sink slowly to the sea bed. The lids of the containers are made from paper so the baby lobsters can chew their way through it to freedom.  Mark Vollers, the owner of Lake District Coast Aquarium, said: “There is clearly a strong connection to the mother in the breeding cycle in that if the eggs are taken from her they don’t survive or hatch successfully. “She has to release them when she senses the time is right.  Read the rest here 10:11

PETA launches second attack on Cumbrian aquarium for selling fishing tackle!

An aquarium urged to cut fish from its cafe menu is once again facing pressure to change – this time for selling tackle and bait on the premises. Ms Bekhechi said: “From hacking fish apart and dropping them into a deep fryer to tricking them into impaling themselves in the face, the Lake District Coast Aquarium looks like a rough place for fish, who studies have shown are intelligent individuals who have complex social relationships and long-term memories.”  Read the rest here  07:59