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Predator-prey relationship of Lingcod and Rockfish – Catching one improves chances for the other

The UW scientists examined this predator-prey relationship between lingcod and rockfish to see if allowing lingcod fishing in rockfish conservation areas could take some of the pressure off of rockfish and let small juveniles grow bigger and stronger to rival lingcod. Their models showed that modestly fishing for lingcod in these areas using different, more selective gear could avoid harming rockfish. It would also benefit fishermen and could bring more tasty fish to the market. “This is about the ability to actually use a resource that’s out there — lingcod, which is now a really reproductive and healthy stock,” said senior author Tim Essington, UW professor and associate director of the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences. Read the rest here 12:50

Fishermen Divided Over New Lingcod Limit Rules

mike hudsonA recent decision to increase the legal harvest limit of lingcod, a popular West Coast fish species, has sparked debate and some disagreement among fishermen and scientists. The lingcod population is higher than it’s been in several decades, according to the , the Portland-based panel of scientists and fishermen that approved the regulation change in late June. Read more here 04:03