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Someone is slashing gear in Petit-de-Grat – business as usual

Police in Petit-de-Grat are investigating several new cases of lobster traps being cut. This new investigation takes place only months after the ‘murder for lobster’ trial, which shocked the Cape Breton community. Phillip Boudreau’s sister, Margaret Rose, says for the town, cutting traps is just business as usual. “I am not surprised because this is something that has been going on for decades in this community,” she said. Read the rest here 07:17

Friendship, Maine – Arson caused by escalating feud between fishermen – So much for Friendship!

The feud reportedly began with lobster traps being cut, then progressed to gunshots fired at Donald Simmons and at James Simmons’ boat, and finally escalated to the arson fires. Video, Read more here 16:42