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LDWF reminds Louisianians that Inshore Shrimp Season remains closed – To reopen certain inshore and GOM waters

Although the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission will meet August 7 to consider opening dates for the fall inshore shrimp season, the inshore shrimp season still remains closed. However, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) officials did announce Thursday the re-opening of certain state inshore and Gulf of Mexico waters that were previously closed due to oiling from the . Read more here 17:55

Louisiana Chef’s Solution to Asian Carp Invasion – Eat Them! video

louisianaseafoodnews.com – Louisiana Chef Philippe Parola has had his eye on the Asian carp situation in Louisiana for several years, and he is not shy about expressing his worry and frustration over the slow bureaucracy of addressing what he sees as a serious threat to the ecosystem and the state’s multi-million dollar recreational and commercial fishing industry. continued