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Trap Gear Closure and Speed Limit in Cape Cod Bay Lifted Today (Tuesday, May 15, 2018)

May 14, 2018 Aerial Survey shows that right whales have departed Cape Cod Bay  The Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies (PCCS) conducted an aerial survey of Cape Cod Bay yesterday (Monday, May 14, 2018) as part of DMF’s ongoing right whale conservation efforts. Clear weather conditions allowed PCCS’ aerial survey team to complete an entire survey of the Bay and no right whales were observed in the Bay. Consequently, DMF has lifted its emergency regulatory closure on the setting of lobster traps and the speed limit of 10 knots or less on small vessels (smaller than 65’) in Cape Cod Bay effective today, Tuesday May 15, 2018. >click to read<11:03

Massachusetts: Coast-Wide Shellfish Closure

Due to yesterday’s storm with its associated coastal flooding, ALL shellfish areas in Massachusetts state waters are now CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE with an exemption for the adductor muscle of Bay and Sea Scallops only. Assessment of area status is beginning today, Friday January 5, 2018. Please see the official closure notice for more detail. click here The above-described areas shall remain closed until notification has been received from the Division that the areas have been placed into an open status. 11:57 

Massachusetts Large Whale Seasonal Trap Gear Closure In Effect from February 1 – April 30

The annual Massachusetts Large Whale Seasonal Trap Gear Closure Area (Seasonal Closure) will be in effect from February 1to April 30. During this period, all pot and trap gear must be removed from the waters within Seasonal Closure. This applies to all commercial pot and trap gear fishermen regardless of whether they are state or federally permitted, as well as all recreational lobster and crab fishermen. click here to read the notice 17:34

Mass DMF giving Rec fishermen chance to reverse regulations – Because someone is bothered!

Pete Kaizer can remember how the rips east of the island looked from the deck of the Althea K, his charter- fishing boat, just a few years ago. “The squid would come into the Sound, spawn, exit out through Monomoy and Great Point. Today he is bothered by the idea of losing that lush fishing ground. (To the squid fishermen so the State is holding a hearing to get rid of them!) Read the rest here. Notice of Public Hearing and Comment here, Item 2. 17:07