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How Gloucester won lion’s share of fishing aid

cashAll things considered, it could not have gone much better. The small working group assembled by Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken in February was tasked with helping identify and contact city waterfront businesses that might be eligible to receive some of the $750,000 in federal funds set aside to help Massachusetts shoreside businesses damaged by the ongoing groundfish disaster. The committee identified 15 Gloucester businesses willing to go through the application process. By comparison, consider . The historic whaling city on the state’s southeast coast — and now, thanks to its burgeoning scallop fleet, the state’s most lucrative port — had 10 of its shoreside businesses collectively receive $246,430. Read the rest here 08:21

Massachusetts Shoreside businesses can begin applying for federal fishery disaster aid

blue fleet weldingShoreside businesses interested in securing a share of the $750,000 in federal fishery disaster aid designated for Massachusetts must submit pre-qualification information to the state by May 31. The state Division of Marine Fisheries is managing the distribution of the financial assistance to those waterfront businesses that have been damaged economically by the ongoing federally declared groundfish fishery disaster. Read the rest her  08:30