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McDonald’s urges NPFMC to give Bering Sea canyons careful consideration

“In order to ensure all sources remain comfortably above sustainability standards into the future, we voice our support to the council and ask that it move swiftly to take all appropriate measures to protect the habitat of the Bering Sea canyons and sustain the long-term viability of its fisheries,” wrote Gross. McDonald’s did not, however, come down strongly on either side of the issue that Greenpeace and the pollock fishing industry have butted heads over for years. The NPFMC plans to decide whether to take action on pollock fishing limitation Read the rest here 11:01

McDonald’s tightlipped on MSC ‘sweetheart deal’ talk

Fast food giant McDonald’s is paying for use of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) logo, a spokesman for the chain told Undercurrent News. McDonald’s announced in late January it is to use the blue MSC logo on its Filet-o-Fish sandwiches and Fish McBites.Industry speculation has focused on the motivation for this move, with sources suggesting it could be so McDonald’s is then able to use if the Russian fishery successfully concludes its MSC,,,,,, Read more here

McDonald’s getting their feet wet. The Dented Bucket

McDonald’s will be launching, late this year, their $1 Fish McBites. I’m guessing the fish is  U.S. caught Alaskan pollock. This is the opposite of buy local, keep your dollars in town. This is the other business model: fish/ process industry partners with mega-food giant McDonald’s and comes up with product at a very affordable price. The pollock industry ….Read More  http://www.thedentedbucket.com/