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Lobster fishermen are putting canopies over the formerly open deck

Some lobster fishing boats are sporting a new look this year. Fishermen are installing canopies over the formerly open deck behind the wheel house. It’s all about keeping the catch fresher — and tastier. “For lobster quality,” said Lyman Getman, a fisherman in Tignish, P.E.I. “Keep the sun off them. Keep them cool.” The removable tops are becoming an increasingly common sight in Tignish and at other ports around the Island. >click to read<18:47

P.E.I. Lobster fishery reduces floating rope in hopes of protecting North Atlantic right whales

Lobster fishers on P.E.I. are taking new measures this season to help protect the endangered North Atlantic right whales from entanglement. In January, Fisheries and Oceans Minister Dominic LeBlanc announced changes to the snow crab fishery in the Gulf of St. Lawrence to protect the right whales, including reducing the amount of rope floating on the surface and mandatory reporting of all lost gear. Fishermen are also required to report any sightings of the endangered whales. >click to read<13:46

Canadians are contesting New Hampshire’s supposedly record-breaking lobster roll

Perhaps not since the Pork and Beans War has New England been engaged in such an inconsequential food-related dispute with its northern neighbors. But here we are. Last weekend, the Portsmouth, New Hampshire location of the local pub chain British Beer Company set out to break the record for the world’s longest lobster roll, previously set last September by the Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association. And according to the Portsmouth restaurant, they did it — beating the Canadians’ 120-foot-long roll with a heaping creation just shy of 160 feet. click here to read the story 16:57