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Illegal Filming of Illegal Fishing – Evidence Leads to Bust!

The owners and an associate of an outdoor film company, Montana Wild, were issued 38 state citations and 11 federal citations, resulting in $5, 950 in fines. The citations involved violations of bull trout fishing regulations and unlawful commercial filming activity on USFS lands without valid permits.  In January 2014 Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Criminal Investigator Brian Sommers and United States Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer L. Kevin Arnold began a joint investigation into Montana Wild, a Missoula, Montana based company that produces hunting and fishing videos on its website and is owned and operated by Zach and Travis Boughton. Their website states the following: “We specialize in outdoor marketing, social media, cinematography, photography, video editing and a new line of apparel.”  Read the rest here 15:05

Montana investigating Walker’s former Alaska Fish Board appointee

board-of-fish-maw-91807e26Jim Kropp, the director of law enforcement for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, said in a phone interview Monday that Roland Maw was under an active criminal investigation. Kropp wouldn’t answer questions about the subject or scope of the investigation beyond confirming that it was related to Maw. But a spokesman for the Montana agency, Ron Aasheim, said the matter involved the possession of Montana resident licenses by Maw. Read the rest here 11:09