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Fishing leaders: Has the Monterey Bay sanctuary kept its promise?

The answer is no, not to fishermen; please let us explain. Reflect back to 1992 when the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary was proposed. While fishermen and most others agreed that it could help prevent offshore oil development, we had concerns about how sanctuary authority might affect those of us who provide food from ocean resources.  There was also public discussion about how stakeholders would have a say in the new federal bureaucracy. Commercial fishermen and recreational anglers had killed two earlier sanctuary proposals over these concerns. In response, fishermen heard that the new sanctuary would not threaten our livelihoods or create fishing regulations. It was a broad assurance, and repeated often by both elected and NOAA officials.  click here to read the story 22:54 

Fishermen fight for representative on Monterey Bay sanctuary council

Representation on an advisory council has reignited long-simmering tensions between the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and the fishing community. Fosmark said she has heard Michel say, “If you don’t agree with the sanctuary expanding, then you shouldn’t be on the SAC.” The expansion is not widely supported, local fishermen said, and Fosmark is their collective voice. The letter to Michel was signed by commercial fishermen from Eureka to San Diego. continued

CALIFORNIA: ACSF Opposes Sanctuary Expansion of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

October 5, 2012 — The Alliance of Communities for Sustainable Fisheries (ACSF), formed  in 2000 to represent the commercial and recreational fishing interests  of the six harbor communities in the central coast of California, released a statement opposing the expansion of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary. The ACSF represents an area that includes the current sanctuary. The ACSF’s letter of opposition explains why regional fishermen oppose expansion of the Sanctuary and believe that it should instead focus on improving its governance and community relations.

Read a PDF of the letter here http://www.savingseafood.org/images/acsfletterresfexpansion.pdf