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Photos: The ‘Craziest Lobster’ contest draws unusual photos of fishermens’ bizarre catches

An unusual contest has uncovered dozens of bizarre lobsters found in the waters of Canada’s East Coast — including blue ones, three-clawed ones, and even one as big as a beagle. Fishermen have submitted photos of about 75 lobsters to a “Craziest Lobster” contest on the Facebook page of Murray GM, a car dealership in southwestern Nova Scotia. click here to see the photos, read the story 13:10   

PHOTOS: Craziest lobster contest stacking up entries

For the second year in a row, photos of weird-looking lobsters are flooding the Facebook Page of a local auto dealership. The pictures of the unusual crustaceans, mostly submitted by fishermen, are being entered in Murray GM’s Craziest Lobster Contest. Marketing manager Billy Mole says he’s noticed there are quite a few photos of out-of-the-ordinary claws. “Last year I noticed we were seeing a few that had some pretty funky claws with some extensions.,,  Last year the contest reached nearly half a million viewers, with entries from Hawaii, Ecuador and a fish market in Tanzania. 15 photo’s, click here to read the story 10:43

Craziest lobster contest winners announced in Yarmouth!

The Craziest Lobster Contest was run through the Murray GM Facebook Page during December. Lobster fishermen were asked to submit photos of their most unusual catches for a chance to win a $500 gift card. The winner was determined on Jan. 3 by the most likes. Marketing manager Billy Mole says he didn’t expect such a huge response. “The lobster submissions even got a bit overwhelming for me at times with them coming in all hours of the day and night,” he said. There were blue lobsters, spotted lobsters, bi-colour and more. That’s not even counting the bizarre specimens with extra appendages. The contest even pulled in submissions from Hawaii, Ecuador and a fish market in Tanzania. The winner was a rainbow-coloured lobster, which had close to 1,600 votes. Read the story here  See more contestants here 10:41

Craziest lobster contest

There are blue lobsters, spotted lobsters, bi-colour and rainbow ones. That’s in addition to the bizarre versions with extra appendages. Billy Mole, marketing manager for Murray GM, says he certainly didn’t expect such a huge response to their Craziest Lobster Contest. “Coming up on three weeks into the contest, we’re close to 150 submissions,” he said,, noting at that time the lobster in the lead for the win had over 800 votes and they expected it to easily reach 1,000-plus votes. The contest is being run through the dealership’s Facebook Page, with the winner being determined by the most likes. The contest was created and organized by Mole and sales consultant Shawn Doucette. “Fishermen are a huge part of our customer base and we wanted to do something special just for them,” said Mole. Read the story here 10:12