North American-wide lobby fighting to save live lobster exports to Europe

swam-logotypGroups lobbying to protect North America’s live lobster shipments to Europe have been having weekly phone calls and strategy sessions, says the Lobster Council of Canada.  “We have been advocating with governments. We’ve been encouraging Canadian exporters to advocate with their national governments,” said executive director Geoff Irvine. The groups include federal and provincial officials and key lobster industry players from the United States and Canada. Five months ago, Sweden called for a ban on all live lobster imports from North America after 32 American lobsters were captured in Swedish waters between 2008 and 2015. Irvine said there are several theories as to how they got there. The argues the American lobsters pose a risk as an invasive species, so as a precautionary measure it’s calling for the ban, but Irvine said science doesn’t back that up. Read the story here 09:48

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